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Black Cat Ball

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Charlotte Bronte

Up for Adoption

Bombay mix, female, young

Don’t make a terrible “Eyre” in judgment and miss meeting me—Charlotte Bronte. I’m named after one of the famous British literary sisters, but I must confess that I haven’t written a book in my life. I have slept on books and maybe pushed one off…


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, female, kitten

“C”. “C” is for Chloe. Yep, that’s my name! “C” is also for cat – that’s what I am! Well, I’m a kitten now, but I’m going to grow up to be a beautiful tabby cat. “C” also stands for cuddles—which I L-O-V-E! Cuddles and belly rubs top my…

Chloe - Courtesy Listing

Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, female, young - Courtesy Listing

I’m the poster child for why kitties should be indoor only and spayed or neutered. I’m Chloe. First, let me tell you that I’m a very sweet and affectionate girl. I live in my foster home with other cats and a beagle, a…


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, female, young

I’m Cleo, a little single mom looking for a forever home. I came to a FOHA foster home from the King George County shelter, along with my kittens. I was a terrific mom, protective of my kittens, nurturing them until they were ready to st…


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, male, kitten

Let the fanfare play—and everyone yell “Charge!” It’s time for Cooper—Super Cooper! I’m a handsome buff-colored tabby kitten who’s ready to charge on in to my forever home—and lots of hearts—with my adorable ways. I’m a bundle of energy, …


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, male, young

Want to learn the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Felines”? Then look no further—Covey is here to educate you. One—play as much as possible. When you’re a young cat like me, playing comes naturally! Two—hypnotize with the eyes. Look at my go…


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, male, young

Get along, little doggy…no, I mean kitty… your forever home. This kitty is a kitty named Cowboy, and I’m looking for a Cowboy or Cowgirl to call my family. I’m a super-sweet darlin’ of a feline who looks like I’ve been out on the range…