Anthology Benefits FOHA

 A Quiet Shelter There, edited by one of our own volunteers  Gerri Leen, has been released. The publisher, Eric T. Reynolds, is being extraordinarily generous and donating 70% of the profits to FOHA. This is a great gift to purchase for the animal lover in your life. Here is how you can help FOHA benefit -

1. Encourage friends, co-workers and family through social media to order the book from the following links:

Print and Kindle available.
Barnes and Noble:
Print only.   
2. Encourage people to leave reviews if they liked the book.  
3. Request your local library carry the book This is usually something you can do online. 
The book is family friendly in terms of language. Gerri stated if she had to assign a moving rating, it would probably be PG to light PG-13. 

The Publishers Weekly review is

Enjoy the book!